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15-Apr-2006 12:52:15 PM
 Man Utd 0 Sunderland 0

If you read soccernet, straits time, newpaper, wanbao etc this week.... all of them wrote that this match is 101% win for Man Utd, its the matter of how many goals they will win. Wanted to bet on Man Utd win H-H Singapore pools but had a bad feeling and  thank god I didn't buy.

However, before chelsea and liverpool fans start celebrating. Tonight, I be betting some lunch money on Boltan and Blackburn. They are worth a point at least.

Talking about bets, any chance for the webmaster to start a betting zone for the world cup.
Instead of cash, the stakes can be a can of 100plus per bet which will be useful for players after our training/games.
Its about 1 month++ before the world cup so can start preparing.

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15-Apr-2006 1:22:54 PM
Yes, all the talk of a goal fest sound so stupid now... haha

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15-Apr-2006 2:58:46 PM
yeah... the newpaper even claimed that the debt-ridden rooney will find it hard to lose if he had bet his money on man utd's win yesterday.

Steady lar!

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17-Apr-2006 9:56:02 PM
tense game between spurs vs man utd.

with championship league placing at stake, spurs players were virtually on steroid. however, they were unfortunate to trail by two goals before halftime and have only themselves to blame for not capitalising their opportunities. park made his national teammate, lee, looked really bad by robbing him inside penalty box and assisted rooney to the winning goal.

chelsea might be popping their champange eventually but definitely not tonight.

having four points difference, it would be some match this weekend with arsenal playing spurs in their london derby.

Steady lar!

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