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Ting Fu
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28-Apr-2006 11:22:54 AM
2 matches down by 3 goals...yet they crawl back to win 2 times....

Nam Sing
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28-Apr-2006 11:29:51 AM
Like Kent say, there is something for everyone in the EPL but the most important of them all is CL Cup and that owner is ARSENAL!!!!

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28-Apr-2006 5:03:21 PM
and they were down with 3-0 with 2 away goals against their favour. and to think it is the same side that kana kick outta FA cup semi-final by west ham.

Steady lar!

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29-Apr-2006 3:12:35 PM
Couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the score!!!
On the verge of knockout but managed to survive on the last kick of the game...
Not once but twice.... and by the same player Maccarone!!!
Given the character shown by Boro.... Will back them to win the UEFA cup!!!!

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11-May-2006 11:24:44 AM
no more miracle from boro liao.

how nice of boro players, to give mclaren 4 eggs before he leaves for his england job.

Steady lar!

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