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Ho Soon
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Edited on 29-Apr-2006 11:59:44 PM

Mourinho threw away his 2nd premier league medal during the post match celebration after beating man u 3-0 !! The very paragon of arrogance ...

But Mourinho fears his achievements will always be tarnished because of the billions of pounds at his disposal from owner Roman Abramovich.

Mourinho said: 'For a manager it is the worst club you can work at.

'For example I won nine consecutive matches this season and I was never manager of the month. Not one single time.

'I have been here for two years, we are champions and I have won manager of the months two times in two years.

'That's just a simple example. You do what you can but you are never recognised. Chelsea are always treated in a negative way.'

Mourinho tied a Portugal scarf around his neck before launching into his after-match celebrations.

Skipper John Terry lifted the trophy and players received their medals but Mourinho gave his medal away.

He threw it into the Matthew Harding Lower Stand along with his jacket and, when he was given a second medal, he threw that one in as well.

Mourinho said: 'I have a Premiership medal from last season and it's the same medal. I only need one. I can't keep everything I have.

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30-Apr-2006 2:53:58 AM
tot with pride at stake, it would turn out to be a fight but man utd players just werent motivated enough to take their chances.
instead, they let chelsea took the title with style.

and to add insult to injures, wayne rooney looks very likely to miss the coming world cup.
the agony i saw on him reminds me of how cisse screams for help when he broke his leg against blackburn last season.

tho the odds are low, i hope liverpool can do wonder and clinch the second spot.

Steady lar!

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2-May-2006 11:26:31 AM
there is HOPE!!!

ManU is held goaless by the on form team Boro =)

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2-May-2006 9:32:43 PM
hmmm... both charlton and pompey have nothing to fight for.

man utd is playing charlton at old trafford.
pompey is hosting liverpool.

doesnt look too optimistic.

Steady lar!

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