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13-Jun-2006 4:18:55 PM
walcott is out injured as well. defoe must be laughing right now.

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Ho Soon
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9-May-2006 2:51:06 AM
England boss Sven Ericksson must be very desperate ... picking 17 year old Arsenal Forward in the provisionial team for england's world cup campaign.

Rooney is out, and he gambles on a youngster who hasn't even feature in Arsenal's starting line up? This guy has not even tasted premiership football and he's ahead of of jermaine defoe, marcus bent in the pecking order for the world cup squad after Arsene wenger said to eriksson that he should bring him to world cup... hmmm...

I've seen videos of this teenager, doesn't look physically matured like rooney.. half a head shorter than henry. His ball skills not to the level of henry's yet... but his pace looks even faster than michael owen during his age... .. maybe arsene see's a young henry in the making in this kid

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9-May-2006 6:41:03 PM
not too sure if it is a good decision but as a viewer, i would feel excited to watch what he is capable of when he came off the bench with england trailing by a goal in the last 20 minutes.

the difference between a disastrous decision and a masterstroke is seperated by a fine thin line. its more like a gamble which i would love to find out.

in addition, its just pleasing enough to see SWP being excluded from the squad.

Steady lar!

David Tan
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10-May-2006 3:10:39 PM

I think its more of a tactical decision to include Walcott. Sven had chosen some pacy players. Even some of the midfielders he choose are fast, skilful players, for example Lennon. They might not be use as the starting eleven.. but if situtation arises, these fast n skilful players may cause problem to opposition defense. 

But its a risk obviously on the striking department to bring 1 untested and 2 half-fit strikers. I duno what will happen if crouch also gets injured during the gp stages and owen n rooney still not fully recovered. I tot bringing either Bent or Defoe along also will be safer. We shall see what will happen.

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10-May-2006 7:00:42 PM
I believe that most of the goals will be from the mid-field, esp when gerald, Joe Cole and lampard are having good forms at the current moment. I dun think that Crouch will score a lot of goals....but he can be a handful against South America where they prefer to play with ball on the ground....With England 's direct and long ball approach, Crouch may be the key as most the defenders are shorter than him..

England needs a wonderkid - with Rooney injured , Can Theo Wallcot rise to the occasion? Given that Wenger has not play him at all yet he recommend him to the World Cup...

Well. anyway Ericson is oredi fired after the World Cup, he can screw England hopes anyway.

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