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14-Aug-2006 2:12:36 AM
enjoyable game to watch, particularly when the reds was the better team even with gerrard, alonso, hyypia and bellamy on the bench.
they dont look so lost upfront anymore now that gonzalez and pennant provide more options on either flanks.

riise goal was indeed a beauty, running from one end to the other to unleash a cracker. like what many have said, there is no bad goal from riise.

Steady lar!

David Tan
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14-Aug-2006 5:20:38 PM

Liverpool played well. The biggest difference between the 2 team was that one combined well as a team while the other failed to gel as one unit. Guess Chelsea players are not used to playing with each other yet. Shevchenko always look like threatening thou n was the better player in the chelsea team which played quite poorly. Liverpool's looks good for the season if they can play this way.

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15-Aug-2006 12:36:13 AM

many have said that it is just a community shield but still, it is a great joy to see moanriho's expression when he loses to benitez and i know he really hates that. hope liverpool can do the same in the coming sep when they cross sword with chelsea again.

btw, come across this article. tot the author has a radical way of expressing how much pressure chelsea is going thru.

Steady lar!

Ting Fu
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15-Aug-2006 1:23:41 AM
sheva was the only dangerous player for chelsea tat day......

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15-Aug-2006 8:56:07 PM

N who can forget Momo Sissoko!!!
He was practically everywhere.... tackling, intercepting and distributing...

Alonso, Gerrard & Sissoko => Phew! It's one hell of a midfield combo!!!

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