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25-Aug-2006 1:00:02 AM
Chelsea draw Barcelona, Werder Bremen and Levki Sofia; Arsenal draw FC Porto, CSKA Moscow and Hamburg SV; Liverpool draw PSV, Bordeaux and Galatasaray; Manchester United draw Celtic, Benfica and FC Copenhagen following Thursday's Uefa Champions League group stage ceremony in Monaco.

Mourinho can go and buy Toto liao. the more he complains, the more he kana Barca.

Steady lar!

Ting Fu
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25-Aug-2006 11:10:40 AM
liverpool group is consider the easier among all liao....manu and inter group seems the toughest....

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25-Aug-2006 11:32:02 AM
I think Chelsea's group is the easiest.

In fact they should go quite far as they won't be meeting Barca until the semis (I think).

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Edited on 25-Aug-2006 4:34:16 PM

think this season's draw is an interesting one. the groups are quite evenly distributed.

i wouldnt say liverpool has the easiest draw of all, given that benitez is going to face ronald koeman (bordeaux) again, who managed on benefica last year. 
its right that chelsea will have the luxury of not playing barca in the advance stage IF they qualify for the next round. 
willing pay to see mourinho's expression if chelsea getting eliminated in the group stage.

Steady lar!

Alex Hay
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28-Aug-2006 11:06:05 PM
Benfica...bring it on. Revenge time for Man U.

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