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23-Nov-2006 1:46:52 PM

Steady lar!

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23-Nov-2006 4:56:16 PM
Congrats..... Issit Oliver?

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24-Nov-2006 6:21:07 PM
Yeah it's Oliver...congrats Boon Heng!!!

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Edited on 27-Nov-2006 10:43:41 PM
Thanks. Since his arrival I haven't sleep continuously for more than 3 hours...

Kelvin Ke
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25-Nov-2006 8:09:24 PM
wow, congrats Boon heng! Must train him to be like Oliver kahn, so that Beatles will have a very capable keeper next time!

Nam Sing
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27-Nov-2006 11:00:44 AM
Congrats Boon Heng.

Welcome to the club of fathers. 3 hours is an understatement. Take care of your wife properly. Treat her like a queen and hope that post-natal depression do not happen to you. If not you will suffer. Dont be like me.....

Kheng Fatt
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28-Nov-2006 3:15:07 AM
Boon Heng , Kong Xi Kong Xi !

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28-Nov-2006 11:19:23 PM
Congrats.. since he is the 1st baby in our team.. he will be the new captain for our youth team ... :)

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