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5-Dec-2006 10:17:49 AM
It was lucky on hindsight that they didn't sell to Thaksin.

But to a rich Dubai Sheikh richer than Abramovich... hmmm... I can see all the Ballacks and Shevchenkos coming to Anfield =P

Exciting times ahead.

Ting Fu
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5-Dec-2006 9:27:35 PM

roman is still richer than dubai sheikh.....

Ting Fu
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10-Dec-2006 2:11:19 AM

from wat I read from other forums....the dubai sheikh is 5th richest...but he was not listed in the top of billionaires list coz he is consider as a royal family.....

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10-Dec-2006 11:36:46 PM

and funds for a new stadium, though i still prefer anfield. 

Steady lar!

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