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Ivan Liew
Posts: 163

14-Dec-2007 1:58:48 PM
anyone got lobang for nintendo wii?

the shop in JP is selling $659

Kheng Fatt
Posts: 191

17-Dec-2007 10:39:50 PM
a few of my friends got it from SLS, japan "enhance" set .. i think 500+\, comes with another set of controller and 2 games (wii spots and wii pray) ... note the spelling as the games are "enhance" as well... 
unless your quote is 649 ringgit.. then mai tu liao!

Posts: 306

20-Dec-2007 5:02:24 PM
Go sign up Singnet Broadband connection for 24 Wii given!!!

Ivan Liew
Posts: 163

26-Dec-2007 12:26:46 AM

Originally posted by Alson:
Go sign up Singnet Broadband connection for 24 Wii given!!!

cannot leh, i tied by starhub liao

Ivan Liew
Posts: 163

14-Jan-2008 5:47:42 PM

asked at JB holiday plaza, RM1150 for fully modded and comes with 10 free games

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