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14-Jun-2008 3:28:43 AM
So far I found myself cheering for the underdogs, like Croatia and Romania and Dirk Kuyt...

Anyone of you like me?

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14-Jun-2008 8:00:34 AM
Croatia for me too...LUKA MODRIC!!!

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14-Jun-2008 9:32:32 PM
Still rooting for my 2 favorite team => Holland & Spain

Well... they did not disappoint me this time! :)

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16-Jun-2008 4:59:10 PM
Wat happen to Italy this time round? Nevertheless tink Pirlo is still the star performer ....  

Han Wei
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19-Jun-2008 2:31:07 PM
Holland as always ! and all the underdogs ! unless they are up against the Dutch..

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23-Jun-2008 4:09:59 AM
anyone wanna bet having a russia vs turkey final?

Steady lar!

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Edited on 23-Jun-2008 11:15:48 AM
Russia is my new favourite!

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