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8-Dec-2010 11:50:36 PM
i guess Singapore football is going down the drain......

There is no more passion in the game. Everyone is going for glory or want to be the best man on the field.

gone where all the real players who work hard to win back possession...

All want to be ronaldo, messi, zidane....

All want to do fancy footwork, bicycle kick, twist and turn runs..

All just want to keep on running

No one is using the ball proper........ kick and run seem to be the best option...

what happen to the beautiful simple game...  Everyone want to prove they are the best.. but what happen to the basic of football??

why...why.... has football in singapore become a 100m dash kinda of game??

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10-Dec-2010 12:22:27 PM
Thais are skillful..
Viets are fast...
Indos are strong..

Singaporeans are...overpaid...says alot isn't it..we have no unique culture to our play and hence no strengths to play to besides the ability to be taller than others.

Just focus on table tennis!

Ting Fu
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11-Dec-2010 12:00:41 AM

on a positive side....Singapore isn't the worst! THAILAND IS OUT TOO! hahahahaha.......=) how optimistic is tat......

but to be's not raddy's just talent pool is wayyyy too small...wat he can do is so limited....mourinho come also usesless........

coz the whole system is not in place at all...or rather wrongly place.....

sg style is so direct.....not say cannnot.....but then fitness also loss other country......of coz hard to play.......

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11-Dec-2010 2:27:11 AM

singapore national soccer team should be disbanded

Spore should focus on

Table Tennis
Water Polo

Soccer is just not spore cup of tea

the pool of players are shrinking...

seems money have overtaken the passion of football..

i wonder if Bugis Beatles pay all the players for training...

will the grp remain the smae or bigger??

what is the drive?

soccer or money?

Syed Ibrahim Bin Shaik Mohamed
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11-Dec-2010 5:19:32 PM
 No.Singapore football is here 2 stay until JUDGEMENT DAY

Lincon Peterson
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14-May-2014 5:10:11 PM
I still believe that singapore soccer will be here to stay forever. Because Singaporean loves the sports of football. Every footballer wants to be known and be the best thats why they trying to experiment new technique. It's just the technique they use to practice are not suitable for them or they still lack of skills. A good footballer needs to have also  the talent or skills not just they know how to play the ball. The question is how S'pore  get or mold a good footballer?

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