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Nam Sing
Posts: 135

15-Jun-2011 10:54:46 AM
Good to see that the club is growing since I last played with Kent and company.

Great job!

David Tan
Posts: 605

15-Jun-2011 7:53:58 PM
Haha...if U compared it to back then when 12 players for weekly kickabout can be seen as a good turnout ... Ya we've come quite far.

Coming back to the pitch soon Urself?

Nam Sing
Posts: 135

16-Jun-2011 10:31:20 AM

Yes. i am planning my comeback to the pitch soon, once i sort out my family arrangements.

ting fu, orangeboy and kent still playing regularly?

David Tan
Posts: 605

16-Jun-2011 6:26:08 PM
Kent, Ting Fu and me are probably whats left of the more regular few from earlier batches of Beatles. Alson & Hanwei do turn up for occasional guest appearances whenever they are free. Boon Heng hang up his boot quite long ago.

Anyway, welcome to the pitch again... and intro urself as a newbie!

Posts: 306

17-Jun-2011 3:07:25 PM
Haa...David I like your quote..."guest appearances"!
Well already comes to the age of Family or Football...gotta decide which "F" comes first...haha!

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18-Jun-2011 1:00:29 AM
boon heng did drop by last year for a short chat end of last year.

good to know some of the emeritus beatles are doing well.

Steady lar!

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