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15-Sep-2005 5:26:06 PM

Hmmm lemme start a FM2005 thread.
Haaa in fact i think this forum is like a real life Football Manager.

I only started one game till now. and my status reads "No one can accuse you of not enough commitment"
Took Arsenal for many years. i think got 8 yrs ba. now i moved to Inter. I heng heng won the Seria A from Milan for 1 pt! (so a double it is. plus a silly italian cup. champion league for inter sucks) Anyway i'm waiting for barcelona manager to be sacked so i can take over. wanna conquer all the leagues i started initally.

Hmmm anyway may post up my formation when i'm back home.
Did you guys try PASSNMOVEV3? It's pretty good. but strictly to teams with good players.
My own works better with ah chwee teams. 

Feel free to post now.

- Did you know Section-
You can do a buy back for a player in his clauses if u want to sell him?

Ting Fu
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15-Sep-2005 5:34:05 PM
i don't have FM05...will be waiting for FM06....

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16-Sep-2005 10:10:40 AM
ever since cm3, i've stopped playing this games of this genre. maybe too little patience.
prefer more control e.g. winning eleven.

btw, u folks want me to start a game forum?

Steady lar!

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18-Sep-2005 11:21:28 AM
no lar i think not alot of people play games this days. more of consoles like ps2 or xbox.
i'm playing winning eleven 9 along together with Fm2005. 

we9 is goooooood. i need a dvd burner! i need to patch up my we9!

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